21st August 2020

Two new channels

Launch of #usrap and #summervibes
After months of conception, we can finally publish our two new channels at HyFM. Now for the first time at HyFM, hear the latest and greatest hits from the rapper kings from the United States and the vibes of the summer in 2020!

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Annual Good Deed

It's been a year since we started the Annual Good Deed. Last year we donated an incredible $414 to 4Ocean. This year is going in a completely different direction. We decided on the German Red Cross and a donation for blood cancer.
With the addition of one of our popular bots, we donate ¢50 to people with blood cancer. Now you can help too!


Incredible sound with Airpods

With the new Airpods Pro you have an even more exciting and intense listening experience. Together with the new noise suppression, our more than 3000 hits at HyFM sound like a new universe. And that was not all! With the improved battery, you can hear HyFM around the clock.


New songs everyday

The music diversity of our radio grows everyday, so you have even more choice from your favorite artist. Working with music publishers makes it easier for us to put together the latest hits and play especially for you.