17th March 2020

Launch of Hyrien Saturn

For the 5th anniversary of Hyrien Incorporated, we are releasing Hyrien Saturn. We now have our own stream with over 48 hours of custom music. The stream also offers an exclusive sound during workout, gaming or while chilling with friends.

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Your Teamspeak musicbot

To receive one or more Teamspeak music bots of HyFM, certain requirements must be met:
- Your own a domain and a Teamspeak license.
- A music department on the Teamspeak server.
- We are authorized to edit the channel description as we want.
- A maximum of one other radio, i.e. another music channel, may be publicly accessible on the Teamspeak.

If all requirements are met, you can choose a package:
- 1 bot: From 10 Teamspeak users
- 2 bots: From 25 Teamspeak users
- 3 bots: From 50 Teamspeak users
- 4 bots: From 100 Teamspeak users
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Your Discord musicbot

You own a Discord server and want a musicbot of HyFM? With your perfect music mix you can get a music bot quickly, easily and for free. Click on the link below and the bot will be added to your Discord server.
With the command !help you can see all available commands and start or stop your music as you wish.
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